RECIPE: banh cuon

when i'm stressed, all i can think about is cooking! and if there's anything i make on a regular basis, it's my favorite - banh cuon aka fawm kauv! simple, cheap and comforting... though meticulous in execution! but it definitely doesn't hurt that find complete therapeutic enjoyment in the latter! this wasn't always the case though. for me, the learning curve was pretty steep..!

because this dish is pretty time consuming, they're not very popular or common on menus - regardless of the plethora of asian restaurants you may have at your disposal. and even when they are, i felt like they're half-assed... where due diligence just isn't paid and therefore never as good as homemade!

i've come to see the assembly as an art - the way everything works independently in tandem with one another with perfect timing. if that makes any sense.

i've also experimented with several different pre-packaged rice/tapioca flour mixtures and have uncovered the secret... adding 1 additional cup of water beyond what the package calls for. of course, there will always be its differences, but in my experience doing this allows for the best result for the brand. and i've come to develop my own preference... and ways to tweak it to my preferred consistency - a thin, transparent crepe-like steamed rice wrapper!

the only thing i enjoy as much as making banh cuon is experimenting with different dipping sauces to pair them with - but that's a post for another rainy day! :) mmmm! sometimes, the sauce is what keeps these little rolls of heaven interesting!