in the mood for scrapbooking :) mmm'yeah.

although scrapbooking is a therapeutic pass-time that allows me to organize my collection of photos in a meaningful format, i've found myself guilty of cheating on it with summer these past several months. as if that weren't bad enough, my sewing machine has also been getting plenty of action and attention from me too, but now that the weather has taken a drastic drop... there's not a more perfect time for me to once again cozy up inside the house with these nostalgic memories.

they say we take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone - and making the time to revisit and sort out these developed vignettes of my life to rekindle a much neglected love is just what i'll do! now that everything is out and in sight... here's to hoping i'll be able to complete a few more of my books in progress this winter; a few pages at a time!

...if youre thinking "wow, what a mess!" this is actually organized in my own messy way! eheh.

getting ready for winter!

here's a peak at my coldpack i’ve prepared in anticipation for this next season’s adventures in wisconsin! with all the redundant complaints, year after year… i'm convinced i'm one of the only homegrown souls that have actually come to terms with our sporadically harsh winter cycles and see the beauty in it!

anyways, my entire outlook is… rather than wasting the season complaining about the cold and avoiding all unneccessary contact with the outside world, focus on what i do enjoy, and direct my energy toward exploring those interests - while maybe even integrating new activities too!

so i assembled a cold pack, my version of the antithesis to a picnic basket if there was one, to accompany me while i hang out with winter once he gets here! :) i already know i'm going to have as much fun as i do my springs, summers and autumns.
  • leather mini backpack
  • thermos
  • microfiber fleece blanket
  • tin can (for food)
  • cloth napkin
  • eating utensils
  • mason jar (for drink, snacks or food)
  • ice skates!
  • books
  • oh yes, and if you look closely... i have a mini bottle of my favorite wine :) don't judge me.

*pssst, suesan... i made the pom poms and put them on my skates. idea, courtesy of your blog post! it was too cute and simple not to! ;D thank you!

shhh... la vie est belle!

and once again, the seasons click. i woke up to the first snowfall of the season here in northcentral wisconsin! it's indeed beautiful :) what an absolute difference a little white makes. i even enjoyed a hot cup of homemade chicken & carrot noodle soup out there this morning, to the backdrop of big, fluffy snowflakes taking it's sweet time!

let it snow, let it snow... let it snow. oh, the beauty you can find if only eyes were closed and hearts open. listen carefully, the silence is eye opening!