auntie dorothy explora!

so i took a week off life to spend it in milwaukee, wisconsin with my nieces and nephew while my sister and her husband were in california on a well-deserved getaway :) this post is a collection of just a few our random happenings that kept me plenty busy!

i got in town on saturday morning and the parents were off to catch their flight! so what did we do? auntie packed a picnic and we headed off to the lakefront for some time under the sun. had lunch while taking advantage of a beautful day and splashed around at the beach. what a fun day spent hanging with my favorite little people! <3

...and before the official "week" began, we enjoyed a sunday pho'otball fun day cheering on the packers too! #GPG

the challenge began right on monday morning though! oh, the life as a soccer mom... with the honda pilot and 4 kids, i had to jump right in and make sure they all got to where they needed to be on time, clean and fed! school, baseball, soccer, handbells, church activities, birthday parties, etc! boy, do i have a new found respect for parents; especially those who encourage extra-curricular activities and commit their limited free time to all the logistics and time management involved! whoa.

definitely not easy - not even for a sahm - but, boy, is it worth it the effort and investment in your child's life and future! :) pssst... it's no myth, supermoms really do exist! i took on the responsibilities for one for a week and it nearly drove me nuts! i literally had no time for me, at all! sorry to all my friends i had planned on stopping by to visit; you'll need another visit specifically allocated for you!

...but who could complain? waking up to these smiling faces every morning and never tiring of the bye auntie, i love you's and thank you's! as they zoom out the door to catch their bus? <3 definitely the most rewarding feeling in the world! they are truly the greatest, most thoughtful kids in the world! i'd do it all over again, all day every day! :)


  1. Aw, hehe adorable! Those scenery pics are amazing! What a stunning place. Enjoy your time away :) xo Marisa

  2. Oh my gosh, 2nd to last photo, hilarious!