on hot summer mornings...

it's been an insanely hot summer! i don't really mind the sun and heat, except for the extreme humidity that just has to accompany it! on the bright side, it just makes nabvam (pronounced NA-va) taste that much better!

nabvam is a sweet asian dessert drink (similar to bubble tea) served with plenty of ice. it's made up of a simple syrup of caramelized sugar and water, coconut milk... and variations of tapioca including pearls, string, jello, etc. it is typically referred to as a "tri-color" dessert... but it's always funner when you go all out with the colors beyond just 3 :) so i do. hah. and! i enjoy it with a splash of malibu coconut rum (optional), adding my own twist to it... just because i can. mmm'yep! don't mind if i do! :) cheers.


  1. Oh my goodness that looks amazing! Bubble tea is my favorite but im sure id like this even mre. would you consider doing a tutorial?

    1. ...i regretted not taking photos during the process and posting a tute with this post too - after the fact. but definitely! the next time i make this, i will :) it's SO good and simple; kinda. steep learning curve, but when you've got it down... it's a cinch!

      and yes, if you enjoy bubbletea... you will definitely LOVE this too! thanks, brenna!

  2. Hi, Dorothy! How have you been? I had never heard of this drink. I love all the colors in it! :D

    Happy midweek! ;D

  3. That looks amazing! And I love bubble tea and coconut so I'm guessing I would love this:D