birthday dinner with the girlfriends!

several girlfriends' birthdays fell closely together at the end of this month, so we decided to celebrate them all over a nice dinner at our local back when cafe.

friends really are the sisters you get to choose and although i can't believe it's been 15 years, i'm looking forward to so many more years with you all!

as i was going through the menu of calamari and lambchops, i couldn't help but notice the ribs featured; special shout out to my dear friend chef larry raymond, the man behind sweet baby ray's bbq sauce! <3 i couldn't not try it!

enjoyed a great evening over laughs with the best ribs in town and libations before a fun night out downtown with some of the best friends a gal could ask for! happy birthday, ladies... love you all to the stars and beyond!

a weekend adventure in lac du flambeau!

autumn in northcentral wisconsin is definitely one of my favorite times and places to breathe in during the year! the cool and crisp temperatures, changing colors of the landscape and silent sound of the seasons clicking… there really isn’t anything more peaceful.

the crystal clear lakes and bald eagle sightings are just other treasures in our beautiful state that the average resident takes for granted. i'm blessed to live a life i love!

another halfmoon pick-up bass fishing tournament!

ope has held the central wisconsin hmong bass fishing tournament for almost a decade now, but this here was just a pick-up tournament for some of the local guys in central wisconsin. like last year, it was held on the mosinee flowage... truly a hidden gem of a fishery.

it proved to be a tough day for everyone, and in the end ope and john took it with big fish... and their 1st place bag totalled 15+ lbs, while 2nd and 3rd came in at under 5 lbs each. nonetheless, the level of camaraderie and support is part of what this experience is all about and everyone had fun out on the water. overall another successful tournament. good job, guys!