happy birthday, to me!

several years ago, i came to the realization that i would rather be my own best friend - than accept the obligatory cliche of my own worst enemy - and it was then that i made the personal commitment to consciously try and work on all my relationships with the same mindset. focusing on improving the quality of my friendships, i made a conscious effort to continue living by the basic concept of becoming the change i wish to see in the world!

and every year i grow older, i find that with time, the quality of these relationships we've forged would begin to surface as we are forced to go through certain life experiences - whether happy, sad, tragic or petty. it's the intangibles that reveal the true nature and character of each bond... and i'm, indeed, fortunate to have such great people around me.

this year, on my birthday, a few of my closest friends surprised me with a simple picnic against the city as our backdrop. absolutely quaint and perfect! yes, little things make me happy.

♪ ♩ ♫ sat here thinking about my heart. all of the places it fell apart. there's just one thing that i need to know... why am i always chasing the rainbow? ♩ ♫ ♪