oh, the beautiful the red rock canyon...

as much as i am a sconnie girl at heart and love the 4 seasons here in wisconsin, after a trip out west... i think i could be a desert girl too! mother nature has yet ceased to amaze me. same feeling of wholeness, different landscape... but nonetheless, still definitely my kind of wanderful! :) divide, conquer, exhale. repeat. i continue to look forward to the rest of my life!

you find yourself in the
middle of nowhere.
it's in the middle of nowhere
you find yourself."

a grand canyon adventure!

how and why it's taken 30 years for me to get here, i have no idea :) while visiting nevada with no real plans other than to spend quality time with some special people i love the most, we ended up making the drive to arizona to explore the southern grand canyon rim. it was absolutely breathtaking! these photos don't do justice for how incredibly amazing it really was to take in... and i would've been perfectly at peace getting lost here. yes, i'll be back.

"a mind that is stretched by new experiences
can never go back to its old dimensions."

wild is the music of aumtunal winds amongst the faded woods...

"come said the leaves to the wind one day. come o'er the meadows and we will play. put on your dresses, scarlet and gold, for summer is gone...
 and the days grow cold."

...took a little road hunting detour on wisconsin's old logging roads in north country; don't let the dress fool you. today was a good day! ;D where else can you hunt partridge, have it breasted in a matter of minutes and have your protein all set for dinner? #sconniegirl #sconnielife <3

FALL... in love.

my kinda eye candy :) this kaleidescope of autumn colors against the bright blue sky was too beautiful not to share! after a scenic trip via the old loggin' roads in north country to visit a friend, i got to spend an afternoon digging culverts... who knew dora the explora was also bob the builder!? hah. yes, any excuse to spend outside is fine by me; heavy machinery is a plus!