whether it's a music, painting, or a theatrical performance... there's just something about experiencing talent right before your eyes that excites my spirit, so it's only natural i'm always looking forward to what images i'm going to see come to life during our annual chalkfest. this is a fun event that brings together hundreds of local artists and enthusiasts ranging in all ages and skill levels to our coveted 400 block.

participants spend the weekend under the sun dressing our sidewalks in the form of chalk art while the public is invited to stroll through and witness these awesome people at work! i always try to make it there at least twice; once on saturday to support my local artists and again later on sunday to see all the finished pieces! here are a few of my favorites!

lake alice in tomahawk!

on saturday, i joined everyone on lake alice in tomahawk to celebrate the july 4th weekend! did a little fishing upon my arrival, but the real fun was spending it further north on long interlaken lake! took the boats up and had quite the recreational day on the water... before heading back to the cabin for the night and indulging in great food and drinks. overall, a wonderful weekend! <3