FOOD FOR THOUGHT: an improvised [breadless] turkey n'herbs burger!

i put together a [breadless] turkey and herbs burger for "breakfast, lunch - not quite brunch" today. i've been thinking about trying out turkey patties, as a healthier alternative, for a good while now... and just so happened to have some ground turkey leftover from when i made banh cuon earlier this week.

it definitely helped that i didn't have any bread on hand when i had this genius idea while standing in my kitchen thinking of what i could quickly make for lunch, haha, and it turned out for the best! i grabbed the meat and folded in a variety of fresh herbs, then seasoned it with sea salt and fresh peppercorn. grilled it on the skillet while i fried up an egg - also chopped up some red onions, green peppers and tomatoes... oh my!

served on a bed of green leaf lettuce... with ketchup and mustrrrd. yum! the sconniegirl in me sure wish i had some cheese, though! don't judge me, kthxbye! lols.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

the first thing i did when i woke up was bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies and put together a simple meal while watching my favorite romance flick "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind," for the millionth time! i'm not quite sure what brought it on, but what can i say, sometimes i just wake up in one of those moods :) not to mention it'd be an understatement to say i love, love, love this movie!

since the first time i saw it back in 2004, i grow to love it even more every time i watch it; like any good book, there's always something new to take away and that's the magic of this film! at least for me. or maybe it's because i just see myself in the characters all too much. scary. :)

these three photos c/o google images.

it's also worth mentioning that the screenwriter is charlie kaufman and director, michel gondry... two individuals whose work i've always found independently brilliant!

charlie kaufman puts forth an exquisite effort toying with space, time and existence in eternal sunshine of the spotless mind... in such a profound way, free of overt references you find in other romance films. i'm a big fan. if this piques your interest, check out his other works too - like being john malkovich and adaptation, both of which are obscure favorites of mine too!

in addition, i love michel gondry as a stylist as much as a director. his manipulation of mise-en-scène and visual take on everything is always nothing short of simply refreshing! the way he deftly maneuvers through the seemingly impossible narrative - for instance, the characters being chased through memories as they are one-by-one being deleted..! i don't know. but whether you choose to see this film as a science fiction mindtrip, a neat literalization of the way human relationships progress, or both... all credit to gondry for visually guiding us! <3

on hot summer mornings...

it's been an insanely hot summer! i don't really mind the sun and heat, except for the extreme humidity that just has to accompany it! on the bright side, it just makes nabvam (pronounced NA-va) taste that much better!

nabvam is a sweet asian dessert drink (similar to bubble tea) served with plenty of ice. it's made up of a simple syrup of caramelized sugar and water, coconut milk... and variations of tapioca including pearls, string, jello, etc. it is typically referred to as a "tri-color" dessert... but it's always funner when you go all out with the colors beyond just 3 :) so i do. hah. and! i enjoy it with a splash of malibu coconut rum (optional), adding my own twist to it... just because i can. mmm'yep! don't mind if i do! :) cheers.