happy hallow's eve!

for halloween, i rounded up my sisters and suggested a grayscale/film noir/silverscreen starlets theme and they jumped right on board at the idea! what an awesome concept; needless to say, it turned out fabulous!

at first, people were a little confused as to who/what we were supposed to be... but as soon as a picture was snapped to illustrate the concept, the living photoshop made complete sense and we were the photo ops for the night!

...and if you're wondering why my face is covered in all the photos it's because i accidentally wiped my nose and forgot to bring touch-up paint! so for the remainder of our night out on the town my nose was colored, womp, womp, womp! >;( only to me does this happen, lols. but all in all, it was still a great time with my sisters and the boyfriend. oh, and yes, he is an elephant. and that is his trunk..! ;D what a goof, smh, hahah.

what did you dress up as this year!?

autumn in wisconsin!

if autumn were in july, we wouldn't need fireworks :) it's october and the leaves are just starting to turn! my hikes up granite peak and views from the water are even more stunning now more than ever with mother nature's new wardrobe change... and before any of us knows it, we will be smothered with a blanket of white.

i'm excited, while enjoying each day's progression toward the next! in the meantime, do something your future self will love you for!