alexis bailly vineyard!

...since april, my dear cousin E has been wanting to play matchmaker and set me up with her friend M. over july 4th weekend, i found myself in the twin cities - where they're both from - and the timing just seemed to work out when i finally agreed to meet him. like most everyone i cross paths with, we hit it off fairly well :) so well, that i agreed to come back for a date the following weekend since i was going to be there again for a friend's bachelorette party.

truly... one of my best dates ever. if that's what you call it? haha. it was actually a series of little dates during the 3 days i was in town that included a hip hop show (dessa, cecil otter, a wolf and her claws - wow!) the first night i was there, an outing to the alexis bailly vineyard in hastings, minnesota for an afternoon of wine tasting and bocce ball that saturday. followed by a sunday brunch at a neat little finnish bistro in falcon heights. a stroll through the zoo... dinner, and concluded with a double movie date with my girlfriend before bidding farewell.

here's a fun[ny] fact: little did i know that M's buddy who i met during the hip hop show, he also joined us at the vineyard, was going to end up being our stripper for the bachelorette party saturday night too. lols.

thanks for being such a gentleman, M! if only all blind dates were like this! :) i'm smitten.


  1. looks like an amazing time!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Everything is so green!! What part of Utah are you going to? I'm in Provo, but I'm actually heading out to California soon!!

  3. ...that's what i love about this part of the country :) all the greenery!

    and i will be in the wendover/salt lake city area. have fun in cali though! it was worth asking... perhaps if ever you find yourself in my neck of the woods, do look me up!


  4. I want to escape to this...beautiful