DIY cardboard "scrap" book!

i don't know about you, but i have a pretty large arsenal of quality scrap paper (and fabrics, for that matter) that i've acquired from previous projects over the years. dub me a hoarder, but i still think they're too good to toss... plus, i keep telling myself "one day i'll use them for a really cool project!" and uhhhh'm, yeah - no. hasn't happened, ahah.

seeing them slowly accumulate in a box is not very inspiring either... especially when i have to justify keeping it around every time i reorganize. as if that weren't bad enough, with the recent holidays, cardboard boxes have also been piling up! although i'm not complaining :) thank you for thinking of me, friends, i love presents! eheh.

anywaaays, this cardboard "scrap"book project came to me, recently, like one of those over-exaggerated and animated eureka moments! while i was reorganizing my arts/crafts supplies and faced with the challenge of having to justfify my box of various scrap paper (for the nth time! or throw it away). challenge, accepted! and i ended up making this neat little cardboard [literally] scrap book in an attempt to use up what i could! <3

the first thing i did was cut the cardboard into similar sizes; it didn't need to be perfect..! :)
second, i went through my scraps and picked out the salvageable pieces :) naturally, a color scheme surfaced. 
third, i took out my scrapbooking boxes containing my letters, embellishments, ribbons, trinkets, etc... and found complimentary pieces to use in tandem with my scraps to create basic layouts and decoration.
the fourth step was going through my box of "old" photos that never made it into my traditional scrapbooks and picked out a themed-selection to use for this particular book. in this case, it was pieces of me while i lived in milwaukee, wisconsin.
after all the "pages" were put together, i drilled holes into each cardboard piece and secured it all together using twine... and might i add, i absolutely love the finished product! this was the perfect dorothy project to re-purpose leftover cardboard, use up some scraps and showcase photographs that've been sitting in a box for the last [almost] decade! it's no secret i love, love, love all things handmade :) so i'm kinda proud of this little baby. don't judge me, lols, kthxbye!


  1. Hi there!

    I've been away from home for a little while, but I've been wanting to thank you for the amazing comment you left a while back. I was very happy to hear you liked my blog and I really like yours too! Also, I have to say, you post so many mouthwatering food pictures;)

    Since then I've also had a chance to view your profile and was pretty shocked too haha. Mostly because you have seen veer-zaara! Wow! I love that movie!

    And this is such a great project! I definitely have a lot of boxes from Christmas as well. I keep most to send stuff in too, but I still have plenty left to use for other things, so I might give this a go.

    Happy weekend!

  2. love love love this!! cant you put up more pictures?

    and you've seen veer zaara? :| how? i mean, im sure it was dubbed but how'd you get to it!

  3. omg..! are you kidding me? i don't understand how one has NOT seen veer-zaara!!! ;P or any of my other favorites - i have many!

    i love bollywood films; especially anything and everything sharukh khan and hrithik roshan! and there's that extra something about yash johar productions that supercede many of the other hindu flicks. plus, i heart lata mangeshkar... her vocals send shiver down my spine. and the songs! omg... so goOoOoOd! ties in the movies perfectly, where even the dialogue is oh so amazing! you can quote everything! i love it; especially the more classic traditional ones. but the modern ones are just as good too..! the weddings are SO gorgeous..! OMG, i want one! :D eheh.

    my other favorite, aside from veer-zaara, would have to be khabi khushi kabhie gham..! omg, my heart just melts every time! so poignant, yet melodramtic, yet quirky, yet deep, etc. with such strong ties with family values, traditions and respect! in many ways, it is reminiscent of my own culture (hmong) so i can relate on the same level and find a strong sense of resonance.

    ...also, i got turned onto them through my sister. it took a long time for me to finally say "okay" to watching one - like 4 years she tried convincing me - boy, did i regret that! lols... but ever since then, i haven't looked back!

    they've [mostly] been SO MUCH MORE PROFOUND than your typical hollywood films which i find to be pretentious, one-dimensional and predictable in comparison to bollywood! but, that's how most americans like their films, i guess - evident from the success of the entertainment business here.

    anywaaays... after i was converted, my sister told me korean dramas were all just as good too. after i sat through 20 hours of "the green rose," although it was GOOD, it was nothing i would've missed if i just watched bollywood films... so i'm still a BIG FAN! and they're still my all-time favorite, all around. and i watch a LOT of diff movies which i enjoy for diff reasons.

    speaking of which, when DON 2 came out... OMG! ahah. saw that it was playing at a small cinema in a town a few hours away, so made the drive there... ONLY TO FIND OUT, it only played once... and it was on opening day! which was a complete fail. excitement overtook my sense to look it up! ahah. but, nonetheless, i still thought it was super cool that it played there/around here at all. you see, i'm from rural northcentral wisconsin. there's nothing here but rednecks and cows - don't worry, i'm one of them too! yes, a redneck. and cow, for that matter. hahah... amongst many other things that offset eachother to where i'm just super awesome! so when i saw that it was playing here, i jumped at the opportunity!

    but! okay... i lost my train of thought, now. thanks a lot for sparking my bollywood interest though! i still NEED to see DON 2 though :) heh.

    what are some of your favorites? i never even thought about asking you... but to think of it, you're the PERFECT person to ask ;P do tell!

    (omg, i'm so excited all of a sudden! i love blogging for this reason!! eheh.)

  4. What a great idea and a great way to use up scrap papers. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have pretty much a ton of scrapbook paper laying around, and I found a pinterest idea to cover light switchplates with it. :)

  6. wow... thanks liz :) totally looking for that, NOW!

  7. Bhahaha, glad I could inspire you to clean out your cupboards and eat all the deliciousness that resides there. Nutella really is the best, though... seriously. My husband thinks it's gross, and I'm amazed, but I am totally okay with it at the same time, because it means that I get all of it.
    Glad I could redeem myself on the points scale for liking country music. I love the stuff, but half of the people I am friends with hate it. Ridiculous!

    ... And this DIY is officially one of the cutest things I have ever seen! It's so creative. If only I had my huge junk arsenal here in Germany with me... Oh, well. Guess I'll just have to pin it for future reference. :)

  8. This is such a great idea. I don't really scrap book, but I have a tun of pieces of things that I have saved over the years that I could use to make a sweet little scrap book like this. Thank you so much for sharing. Your book looks awesome :]

  9. This is so cute!! I want to make it!! Love your blog. New reader!!!

  10. Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

  11. Cutest DIY project EVER! You've inspired me to get crafty (and to clean out my scrap drawers haha)

  12. @Treehugger_31thank you! :) i tried replying on your blog, but my browser was giving me issues. never fun!

  13. hi Dorothy! :D

    i'm very glad you stop by on my blog..
    i enjoy your blog too ;D

    i loooove this idea, i will try! ;D

    Sarah Azhezha

  14. omg, you've got to be kidding me. i cannot believe you know actual names. HAHA. i read your comment the same day, and was blown away (i fell sick so have been MIA) i have to say you know your shit. all the names are actual big ones! and actually pakistani cinema is quite crap, so i also thrive on bollywood hehehe.yash johar is amazing for sure. and you're just killing me your know how. i was in fits over the don 2 story LOL. im sorry i cannot look at you the same again. if i thought you had the randomest of stuff on you, this beats it like anything. what do you NOT do? HAHA

  15. Wow these look great! What a good idea for a rainy day!

  16. amazing pics!!! so natural and funny!!!
    love them!!!
    follow me on
    xoxo Marika

  17. I just got back from my friend's wedding in San Diego and this cardboard scrapbook will be perfect for my photos and share it with my friends over tea and talk!