a typical date with the bestie.

in the midst of our busy lives and relationships, my best friend and i try to get together at least once a week... whether it's to cook up our favorite foods to appease the day's cravings, run errands together, or just to do absolutely nothing but lounge around - it's always good for the soul and an even healthier outlet for our kindred spirits!

today, our day off was synced and since the boyfriend let me sleep in, i woke up refreshed and motivated. ambitious as i was, i decided to bring out the infamous picnic basket that's been hibernating since last fall and surprise her with a lunch date before our planned museum trip to check out the origami exhibit on this beautiful spring day!

mission; accomplished! we enjoyed it at my favorite spot that boasts one of the most incredible views in our quaint city... and it was definitely the perfect beginning to what would be a very good and productive day and evening! friends truly are the shelter from life's rainy days.

fishing the pipe..!

after a productive day, instead of hauling the boat out this evening we grabbed a late lunch and did some lowkey panfishing at the pipe. i love that he loves bank fires, too, once the sun begins to set. <3 life is good... it may not be perfect, but live the best version of yourself and it'll inspire others to do the same. i promise.

canoeing down the plover river...

the ice has finally began melting. in an attempt to take advantage of one of the first warm days of spring, N and i dusted off his canoe and opted into enjoying an afternoon adventure down the local plover river.

...somewhere between capturing a few shots of mother nature's oh'mazingness and deftly maneuvering through the [unanticipated] hazards on the water from winter, i managed to tip over the canoe - yes, all 17 feet of it - which also eventually sent the bf and i straight into the river as well! not to mention my poor canon t2i dslr and favorite lens..! womp, womp, womp. and his brand new smartphone (sorry) smh! everything else non-electronics was drenched, but okay - yet, it sure quickly became a very expensive day on the river, haha. river gods, 1... us, 0. but, it was still fun! :)

here are the last shots i was able to capture before i so clumsily fell overboard... i still shed a tear every time i think about it :'( we shared some great memories together, you and i, rip.

on a more positive note, it was 4 months ago today that i decided to explore a new interest :) and i am definitely looking forward to the adventures in store for the days ahead. ahem.