...it's the most wonderful time of the year!

...did i mention i put up my christmas tree? i actually did this the day after thanksgiving, as a distraction to keep me from munching on all the delicious leftovers! haha. that, and the fact that christmas lights never cease to lift my spirits and make me smile regardless of the mood i'm in, so i jumped at the earliest opportunity i could put it up without judgement, lols. love, love, love! <3

'tis the season to be jolly, may your holiday be merry and bright!


  1. Wow how pretty your tree is. I have not saw one in years now since I was at home with my family, it was always a big deal to decorate ours but my mom never let us help bc she wanted it a certain way lol.

  2. You have a beautiful Christmas tree!

  3. Hi, Dorothy! How have you been? You have an awesome Christmas tree! ;P We put it up on Saturday. I shall join the link up party ... Although my tree looks crappy compared to yours, ha! Anyway, I hope I have some free time to take photos of it; life's been quite hectic over here, but that's a great thing :p.

    Hope your week's off to a great start! ;D

    Tight hugs!

  4. your christmas seems so beautiful thus far



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