my daily makeup..!

i spent christmas in nevada/utah this year... with my all of my sisters for a short holiday getaway and to celebrate 2 of their birthdays. it was while i was packing for the trip, forced to only bring what was really neccessary, that brings me to today's post: for someone who doesn't think she wears much makeup on a daily basis, i sure realized i kinda do!

throughout high school and into my college years, i was a complete minimalist when it came to cosmetics. mascara, eyeliner and chapstick - blush, for those special occasions - and i was good to go! heck, i didn't even know there was a difference between body lotion and face moisturizer! not to mention - completely oblivious to items such as - primers, highlighters and translucent powders!

fast forward several years... and although i still achieve the same basic look as i did then... i've realized it def takes a lot more product to get there now, smh. why is that..? old age, i tell ya.

dorothy's everyday must haves..!
1.bare minerals - medium tan 2.bare minerals - warmth 3.bare minerals - faux tan 4.bare minerals - pure radiance 5.bare minerals - mineral veil 6.bare minerals - warm radiance 7.nars - blush in orgasm 8.nars - 9947 eyeshadow palette 9.smashbox - hybrid 2in1 luminizing primer 10.nars - striptease lipgloss 11.toofaced - shadow insurance 12.hip cream eyeliner - 905 black


  1. awesome! i love bare minerals and super bad want the Nars blush in orgasm :)

  2. bare minerals was the first makeup line i tried that wasn't a drugstore brand. and although i've tried several of their other products which i didn't fancy compared to others... i do, indeed, love love love the light coverage their mineral makeup provides! and absolutely love the radiances and warmth for a touch of healthy color. also, credit goes out to lhenzi of for sending me the nars blush in orgasm! still trying to figure out what the hype is over this one compared to my other ones... but i love it just the same! ;D thank you!

  3. I love bare minerals and also do not go anywhere without packing them :) Happy New Year

  4. Bare Minerals and NARS - totally agree with these picks

  5. i also use bare minerals. =)