about me

dottie, dorie, dora, dorothy explora; defined
i... quote raps. and a little country, haha. dig classic scifi. love greek mythology. am easily pleased. do the robot. enjoy baking, and cooking, then munching. find amusement in telling really, really bad jokes. am ohm. read to empty my mind and fill my heart - i write for the same reasons. avoid pretentious people and places. am most at peace outdoors enveloped by mother nature. want world peace. am a cheesehead. majored in information systems. hunt muskies. gravitate towards positive energy. laugh more than i talk :) leave everything a little better than i found it. buy what kids are selling. am passionate about all things life! find abstract art, concepts, theories and ideas fascinating. and, trust me when i say, i can go off on tangents talking about absolutely nothing - yet everything!

"...i live in the sunshine, swim in the sea and drink the wild air!"

welcome to the life and times of dorothy explora - unanchored spirit and child of purple haze. i currently reside in smalltown, midwest usofa. over the years, i've come across some pretty amazing blogs (from professional to lifestyle) that've inspired me on all levels and i wanted to reciprocate the gesture by offering what i can in hopes to help stimulate and continue to invigorate, within these "social" parameters of this blogosphere! and at the same time, document my adventures, musings and everything else miscellaneous that's a compilation of yours truly.

i have been through my fair share of trial and heartbreak with life, love and the pursuit of happiness... but believe that when i dedicate myself to someone or something, once that bond is forged - i'm a lifer! and this is the attitude that has continued to drive me to remain positive and forward thinking. therefore, this blog really is an organic reflection of me as an individual and a compilation of all my favorite f words; family, friends, fishing, food and fauxtography fun! these are the pieces of me.


...and whatever you do, be sure to do it with so much love you wouldn't want to do it any other way! good vibes get good tribes! <3