milwaukee art museum..!

whether it's a quaint date night, to lift my spirits, or inject inspiration... the milwaukee art museum has always been that special place for me. browsing until my heart's content, even the millionth time felt like the first. what seemed to have been a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city once within its sparsely decorated walls of works from warhol to georgia o'keefe, i could always count on getting lost in all its beauty and find myself fully rejuvenated once again. <3 after all, art is freedom... being able to bend what others see as straight. om.

rhymesayers ent. presents soundset!

oh, you know... just one of those 24 hour adventures :) this time travelling to the rhymesayers' soundset event in minneapolis, mn where we explored and wandered the streets until reaching our final destination. this was a pretty bomb mini getaway; an all day, outdoor hip hop concert with my favorite acts! one. right. after. the other! can you say, blown - away!?

atmosphere, dilated peoples, aesop rock w/rob sonic and dj big wiz, little brother, dj babu, rhettmatic, j-rocc of the world famous beat junkies, brother ali, eyedea & abilities, p.o.s., blueprint, mac lethal, abstract rude, i self divine, musab, psalm one, grayskul, los nativos... plus so many more cats! absolutely insaaane.

i'm glad i got to experience SOUNDSET this year. breath in, breathe out - sign says, keep out!

a WICKED kinda weekend!

ever since gregory maguire's wicked: the life and times of the wicked witch of the west was published, it single-handedly changed my life and the way i thought of every literary character moving forward! :) i quickly fell in love with the story and everything about it... from its darker greener (not rosier) lens and its radical new evaluation of one of the most hated characters in all of literature - it was brilliantly inventive!

named after the main character in the beloved classic "the wizard of oz," i've always felt a parallel with dorothy gale growing up. but that was all quickly BS after maquire showed us that maybe the much maligned wicked witch of the west really wasn't as wicked as we were made to believe! #teamELPHABA haha.

the book is the basis to the tony award-winning broadway production... and when they were going to be in chicago, i couldn't pass up the opportunity and not go! so when my girlfriends were looking for a reason to getaway to the windy city anyways, we decided to get together and make a weekend out of it - and i'm so glad we did! it was amazing!