dottie and the brew city overcast.

the lakefront; brewery. cielito lindo. lincoln park. urban fishing. bbq's for two. miller tours. summerfest. mpm. mam. pabst. tap city. mke county zoo. seven mile fair. value village. records. thrifting. 727 21st. 437 shawley. ugly mug. yellow jacket. stonefly. hip hop. libraries. marquette. the darkside of the moon. budget cinema. washington park. dineen. stallis. brady street strolls. rushmor. the blue armadillo. wizard of odd. eesanes. 7th&maple. oakland gyros. oak leaf trail. autozone. music festivals. jjs. pizza shuttle. thomson. herbs. jameson. jim beam. little red, the devil schwinn. bremen cafe. cafe mocha. art bar. maingia. berni. dan. mando. pie. enid edie. el rey. renaissance books. and bayview.

it's not that i miss you or that i long to someday return - but moreso, that feeling i can still vividly recall while i was there with you that brings a certain peace to my heart. so thank you... for being such a big part of me and showing me what beauty really entails when you can look past the rough streets and begin to appreciate the hidden gems between each nook and cranny so many overlook. for that, i will always love you. and regardless of the evils - we had some pretty amazing times, you and i :) that's what i choose to remember and take with me.

♪ ♩ ♫ when i was drinking, when i was with you... living it up when the rent was due. with nothing and no one to live up to. you and me dying on the vine, holding hands and drinking wine. now i'm not the same girl i left behind with you. twelve bars behind us and twelve bars to go... bottles of beer lined up in a row. one for each hour you didn't show. you and me dying everyday. getting high just to pass away, but that's not the reason i couldn't stay with you. now i am sober, now i'm alone... three years have gone by since you have gone. letting you go, letting me go on, but i'll raise a glass now to you and me. to lift me higher so i can see... which of these blessings are killing me. ♪ ♩ ♫

enchante, to the next set of adventures...!


  1. Gorgeous photographs. Love the Necklace!

  2. great photos an love the post!

    Also, thank you so much for your comment (@MyLyfeMyStory)

  3. I love these photos, they're so surreal and beautiful!

  4. :) that is what is made me do!

  5. wonderful photos! looks like a blissful day.