canoeing down the plover river...

the ice has finally began melting. in an attempt to take advantage of one of the first warm days of spring, N and i dusted off his canoe and opted into enjoying an afternoon adventure down the local plover river.

...somewhere between capturing a few shots of mother nature's oh'mazingness and deftly maneuvering through the [unanticipated] hazards on the water from winter, i managed to tip over the canoe - yes, all 17 feet of it - which also eventually sent the bf and i straight into the river as well! not to mention my poor canon t2i dslr and favorite lens..! womp, womp, womp. and his brand new smartphone (sorry) smh! everything else non-electronics was drenched, but okay - yet, it sure quickly became a very expensive day on the river, haha. river gods, 1... us, 0. but, it was still fun! :)

here are the last shots i was able to capture before i so clumsily fell overboard... i still shed a tear every time i think about it :'( we shared some great memories together, you and i, rip.

on a more positive note, it was 4 months ago today that i decided to explore a new interest :) and i am definitely looking forward to the adventures in store for the days ahead. ahem.

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  1. The Plover River! It's been so long since I've been on that river. It looks just as peaceful and calm as I remember it when I canoed down it many years ago.