oh, the places i go and people i meet!

the day i left milwaukee, i made one last attempt to take in the city and see those few kindred spirits that i didn't yet have a chance to see. naturally, i started my morning off at the local favorite, rochambo's coffee and teahouse on brady street with a dear friend :) you know, the type of friend where it doesn't matter how much time has passed between correspondences, but you know you can always pick up exactly where you left off..!? yeah, it was definitely a great morning with my dear kattia; nothing short of what i would've expected when you put 2 people with our energy in one room and add 2 pints of quality espresso beans to the mix, haha. and i don't even need caffeine! exactly what i needed to begin my last day of my brew city visit - lots of love and laughs while catching up on life!

i stuck around the neighborhood for a light lunch and eclectic shopping, then took a stroll down the once familiar lakefront i spent so much time at a lifetime ago... until i met up with another old friend that afternoon at the nomad, brady street's infamous world pub. he was working, i was getting thirsty and it was the absolutely perfect day out to enjoy a drink while people watching outisde the joint as we and joked with his regulars and soaked up the sun.

and let me just say, wow! you wouldn't believe me if i told you :) haha. oh, the people i met and things i saw that afternoon. it was definitely an "experience," they say "the nomad doesn't get any more eccentric!" and it sure lived up to its reputation :) thanks for the libations, mando!

one thing led to another, and before i knew it, i was at hosed enjoying more cocktails over great conversation with a small group of women i randomly met at the nomad who invited me to join them on their quest for drinks as they traveled deeper into the neighborhood :) one of which also so happened to own and operate fred boutique - a cute little shop not more than a block from my sister's condo on the river in milwaukee's infamous 3rd ward... it seems the further you venture, the smaller the world gets!

and you see, this is ultimately what i love about this city; the mixture of diverse people all within a small area and the surprise of not knowing who you will meet, run into, or where the day will take you as you make like a leaf and blow in the wind. :) good times. goodbye milwaukee.

"and at once i knew i was not magnificent, 
high above the highway aisle.
jagged vacance thick with ice,
but i could see for miles, miles, miles..."


  1. Wow, this looks wonderful! Definitely the kind of street that makes me want to hop a plane;)


  2. Awe, it sounds like a perfect day! I miss bar hopping with my bestie so, so much! I look forward to the day I'm able to go back to Buenos Aires to visit.

    Hope you have a great week! ;D

  3. i'm in love with that foot tattoo!