shhh... la vie est belle!

and once again, the seasons click. i woke up to the first snowfall of the season here in northcentral wisconsin! it's indeed beautiful :) what an absolute difference a little white makes. i even enjoyed a hot cup of homemade chicken & carrot noodle soup out there this morning, to the backdrop of big, fluffy snowflakes taking it's sweet time!

let it snow, let it snow... let it snow. oh, the beauty you can find if only eyes were closed and hearts open. listen carefully, the silence is eye opening!


  1. Sooo lucky. I love snow...

  2. Awe! Are these pics from now? Wow! And it's still above the 80s here! Well, at least temperatures are no longer above the 100s like lats week, ha.

    Happy midweek, sweet Dorothy! ;D