a road trip to toronto!

one of my favorite cities i've ever had the pleasure to take in; toronto, canada. a couple girlfriends and i made the northeast trek to ontario... and needless to say, it was an absolutely great adventure!

i've come to learn about myself, in recent years, that i thoroughly enjoy roadtrips and the introspective nature it allows for me to just drive on the open road and, well, think. not to mention, how much fun it is with pleasant company + conversation!

and since i also volunteered to drive for long stretches of the trip, good tunes were a guarantee because i was my own favorite dj and you can bet i went prepared! hah.

all in all, it was absolutely great! definitely didn't hurt that we were met with even better times upon arrival... meeting new people and making new friends!

aside from the obligatory downtown toronto club scene... secondhand thrifting and boutiquing on queen street were among my favorite things we did. my fondest memory, though, was probably falling asleep on the balcony of our hotel just outside of the city with nothing but a bottle of wine, gifted canadian smokes and an oversized down comforter to cuddle up with - against the backdrop to toronto's oh-mazing skyline that seemed to encompass my being. definitely a sight for sore eyes! i absolutely loved it.

i just wish i would've taken more pictures, however, these mere memories alone are invaluable and will last me forever! dig it.

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  1. Hey lady! Thanks for stopping by Gypsy in Jasper. Glad to see you've made it to Canada. Toronto is quite the city. I must admit I get totally terrified and disoriented when I'm there. It's a bit much for this small town girl. :)

    Hope to see you around!