recall walker... kill bill rally!

first and foremost, let me preface what's to follow by saying: i like to think politics and religion is like a penis. it's perfectly fine to have one. heck, it's great to be proud of it! but please, don't go shoving it down anyone's throat.

with that said... i'd just like to share these photos from earlier this month when i traveled down to our state capitol in madison, wisconsin to show my support for my family and friends - teachers and public union workers - who would be been directly impacted by governor scott walker's 2011 budget repair bill... in regard to collective bargaining rights. but it has to do with so much more, and not money! however, i'll avoid going into it on my blog.

but as the average american citizen, i realize that i may be ignorant to political motives which i find are subjective anyway - depending on each individual or group of individual's true intention. i understand that any objective is debatable and can be cleverly manipulated and argued - afterall isn't that essentially politics? but rather than trying to point the finger on one concrete motive and directing blame from thereon forward, i believe we have the responsibility to look at this issue on an abstract level and, instead, scrutinize its ripple effects and the impact it'll have in the long run - for every one.

but in a society like ours, although we've gone a long ways from history, our political forum - like any business - still has its own agendas... where all we can do is continue to do what we can within our ability! and in governor scott walker's defense... yes, he is doing exactly what he said he would do. but that doesn't mean we need to accept it if we so passionately are against it in regard to the approach.

in any case, this was a very powerful and peaceful protest to have been a part of! and from an entirely different perspective, the artsy fartsy in me also noticed a lot of creativity involved as well :) haha, to each their own!

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  1. Hey, you have a great blog here. Love it! I'm glad to see other Hmong people being aware of and showing support for the Madison protests and elsewhere in Wisconsin. I was at several of them in 2011 and they were so motivating/inspirational.

    Anyway, how do you make your blog look so nice? I like your layout, header/banner up there at the top, how your pics are inserted, etc. Very nice job! I don't know how to do those things. I also blog on Blogger. Shoot me an email at if you wouldn't mind giving me some tips.

    Great to meet other Hmong bloggers!