my eau pleine reservoir!

the great outdoors... incredibly therapeutic. to be out there on my little adventures with nothing but my thoughts and what i go equipped with - whether it be a book, a bottle of wine, a fishing pole, a journal or a picnic; i love it all the same.

here's just a glimpse of the scenery i've come to regularly surround myself in since the move back to smalltown usofa - this is the eau pleine reservoir, about 10 minutes from my driveway. definitely one of my favorite spots i enjoy most! and it still boggles my mind how no one else takes advantage of the natural beauty right here at our fingertips, yet continue to look for that sense of peace outward for something still unbeknownst to them!

...and forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair!


  1. Beautiful place.. a good place for relaxation.
    So peaceful.

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  2. whew, d! lovelovelove the colors in these. :)