scrabble... one of my favorite passtimes, ever!

if you don't agree that scrabble is the best thing ever invented... then we probably can't be friends. haha, jk. my best friends and i have been getting together quite often lately to play my favorite game; of course accompanied with a bottle of wine. or 2, or 3 :) and much needed girl talk!

i like to think we're all equally competitive and skilled strategically - although they'll probably argue they're better, when in actuality it's really me, haha! if you've ever wondered if scrabble could ever be played like chess - oh, it can! haha. before i picked up a 3 minute hourglass to time, it wasn't uncommon for me to have to wait 10 or even 15/20 minutes between turns! them, not me! lols. but even with that said, sometimes it really just boils down to the luck of one's tiles. but then again, luck is when opportunity meets preparation so - eh!

we've played a lot enough together to always try and win for braggin' rights over one another... but even that doesn't mean much in the landscape of how much fun we have doing it! it really is the funniest, the lengths S and L will go to in trying to convince me how a word which isn't really a word is a word, haha. good times! :)

and if you're wondering, yes... we have most, if not all, the 2 letter words memorized too, for fair play; plus, i have all their definitions down. and oh yes, i can and will use them in a sentence for you too if i must! ;) after all, this is serious business! haha.

all in all, definitely my idea of great nights in, recently! a game of wits, quality company full of laughter, delicious food and libations to match! i'm pretty fortunate for friends i can enjoy low key times with... as much as getting dressed to the nines and painting the town (red)! just another day in the life of a smalltown girl. <3


  1. I love Scrabble! It turns into an all out war when I'm playing with my brothers. They all speak multiple languages, so they try to play words none of us know. Cheaters!


  2. ahahah... i know EXACTLY how that goes! and that's very cool they speak other languages? which... if you don't mind me asking? and do you?