snowshoeing on the wisconsin river.

valentines day just passed and although we planned to spend the day setting tip ups, we instead got stuck in the snow on the ice trying to get out there and spent all afternoon trying to shovel out the truck instead... atleast we made it on time to our dinner reservations! lols. the seasons change in wisconsin, so do we as individuals. when it's hot and humid, we wish it were cooler; when it's sub-zero and snowing, we wish it were warmer. and while we do what we can in anticipation, we are never quite prepared enough for its reality once it hits.

here are some photos from an adventure taking my vday gift out for the first time; snowshoeing. pssst... it is really just walking on snow with things on your feet. for the venture capitalists out there, there's an untapped potential for grasswalking, sandwalking, even waterwalking! ;P you're welcome!


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