DIY wine coozy :) how fun!

some people enjoy winding down to tv. others might do it by going out... but all i need is good music, a glass of wine and inspiration :) i stumbled upon this wine coozy idea a few weeks ago and thought: genius... and cute!

it also makes for a more personal companion when gifting your favorite bottle - and the best part, you can skip the wine bag and/or bow... and customize it any way you see fit! definitely in my realm... and most definitely a dorothy project!

this tutorial i followed is pretty simple and straightforward. using leftover fabric, i found a coordinating print from my stash to balance out the girly pink! the hardest part was probably deciding whether i wanted to use my pink buttons, or the gold ones! hha.

there were also a few "tweaks" between my cozy and the original that is worth noting though...
1) i didn't need to use batting because my coordinating fabric was thick enough.
2) instead of using two buttons, i had a set of four i wanted to integrate and found it secured much better in two points, versus one... as well as looked neater too.
3) rather than fastening with twine or cord, i used two coordinating NEW hair ties and it was the perfect touch to bring it full circle; literally! talk about a minimalistic approach to re-purposing! i'm a happy girl right now! (i'm doing a happy dance too, haha.)

practical. useful. and easy! but most of all, so darling cute!

and it was such a totally simple and rad diy - i made another one! ahah.

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  1. OMG I love this idea and love using my wine cozy! There's a bottle still left over from when you were over helping me & my niece bake Charoset for Passover. I think I need to make some pasta sauce with the rest of that bottle or I'll never use it up! haha... Thanks for the gift!