central wisconsin hmong bass fishing tournament!

opi thao, an avid local tournament angler and fishing guide (www.wifishstalkers.com), who i'm also lucky to say is like my brother from another mother, recently hosted a central wisconsin hmong bass fishing tournament on lake wausau. within the last few years, there's been a boom within the hmong community throughout the country in regard to competitive fishing... and this was a great way to promote the sport and introduce a competitive environment for those interested in taking their fishing a step further than simply a leisure hobby, but may not yet be ready to fish a general tournament or circut.

i also think it was pretty dope he held it on our very own lake. personally, i feel like lake wausau is often overlooked because it's not as far north as the "trophy lakes," but being our home turf... i can vouch that there are some sizeable hogs residing in these parts; evident by the day's weigh-ins and moreso through my own experiences throughout the years!

sometimes, the best fisheries are those right at home; literally. and it was nice to draw in a small crowd. the turnout and support for this tournament was pretty awesome, and i really hope to see this event become an annual thing and grow! good job, boys!


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