FOOD FOR THOUGHT: black chickens

once you go black, you don't go back... she said!

did you know there was such a thing as black chicken? and i don’t mean as in dark feathers... but black skin, bones and even internal organs. there are actually several black chicken breeds in the world, especially in asia, but the most popular of all has to be the chinese silkie.

silkies are beautiful birds, covered in fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk, but underneath all that fluff they are far less attractive. their skin is a dark-bluish color, the flesh is dark beige and the bones and some internal organs are pitch black. although in the western world silkie chickens are sold mainly for ornamental purposes, in countries like china they are considered a super food and are appreciated for their deep, gammy flavor. called “wu gu ji” or “black-boned chicken”, the silkie has been prized for its medicinal value ever since the seventh or eighth century. chinese women consume it after they have given birth to get a boost of energy, but it’s also said to have a positive effect on the yin, blood, lungs and stomach.

anyhow... my girlfriend was amazed i've never had it before (let alone even heard of it before now) and was on a mission to change that! ;D she even cooked it the traditional way over an open fire pit while we grilled jumbo shrimp appetizers on skewers - and it turned out to be an awesome dinner! thank you!


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