gone hunting!

if you didn't know it by now, it's a safe assumption to say i am a jack of all trades... but master at none, yet! haha, jk.

after receiving a .22LR, 20 gauge shotgun and .243 rifle last christmas - and then being gifted a scope for our 1 year anniversary this past january, i decided it was about time for me to complete my hunter's safety and finally get into hunting... so i immediately signed up and successfully crossed that off my bucket list earlier this spring!

not having ever hunted in the past, my current setups were the perfect little arsenal to prepare me for everything from small game to ducks and deer... until i'm able to develop an affinity for one over the other, or, god forbid, none! haha, jk.

after lots of target practice and honing my shot skills, accurately sighting my scope and getting comfortable with my pieces in general in preparation for rifle season, i finally got the opportunity to go on a hunt this year and put my time in the trees... and i absolutely love it.

like hunting muskies, it's definitely not a sport for everyone. when it comes to deer hunting, there's quite a bit involved. on top of that, and just in general, it requires a lot of patience, persistence and manual work before/after - but the rush and payoff after a successful bout is definitely unparallelled and makes it all worthwhile! and another opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors is just a bonus!

i'm definitely looking forward to getting into this more moving forward and have the great sportsmen in my life to thank for being such supportive advocates and resources! it's these positive experiences and well-equipped opportunities i'm truly grateful for, and the ones i will carry with me for the rest of my life! ;D

p.s. i'm fully aware this may paint me out to be a redneck, but trust me when i say i'm the furthest from that! lols.


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