just another random thursday!

as some of you may know, i try to head up north a few times a month to see my dear friend chef larry raymond - aka sweet baby ray of the popular sweet baby ray's bbq sauce - with my homie doc and more often than not he'll prepare a breakfast or lunch for our visits. as if they aren't always something spectacular, this week's was definitely a treat!

what's hot, sweet and wet!? our italian beef sandwhiches straight from the one and only JOHNNY'S..! and we didn't even have to go to chicago or wait in line. it's nice to have friends who have friends! haha. thanks, chef! ;D

i was pretty stoked when he mentioned it for lunch because i had literally just watched anthony bourdain's "the layover," in chicago, where johnny's italian hot beef was a main feature and definite must eat! and it just so happened that chef just had a friend visit from chicago who brought him up some, along with the infamous au jus. mmm! definitely delicious and worth all the hype!

(fun fact: chef's friend who visited was "santa," the same santa during all the macy's christmas day parades you see on television! hah.)

however, i do have to say my favorite part of these visits would have to be the company while enjoying the northwoods unplugging next to the lake for a few hours each week. like the signage in his cottage, "if you're lucky enough to live by the lake, you're lucky enough." ;D yes, i'm a lucky girl with great people i'm grateful to call friends. i'm definitely looking forward to some fishing this season!


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